About Me

Hello! I’m Jess, the creative soul behind Curious Little Market.

Curious Little Market is a place where children are encouraged to explore their connection with the Earth’s natural spaces and the magical creatures that dwell there. The journey to nurture Curious Little Market into the magical space that it is today began many years ago when I was a young girl.

As a child, I struggled to connect and communicate with other people. I learned to seek solace in the moon, trees, sky, and stars, as they always offered a place where I could feel completely at ease. I was incredibly lucky to be raised by two creative women that taught me the meditative practice of working with my hands to create. As I got older, I continued to dabble in different handiworks, including sculpture and cake decorating. While these practices offered me mental calm and a safe space to let my creativity flow, something was still missing. It wasn't until a sewing workshop taken on a whim, that I finally found the creative outlet I’d been seeking.

I continued to sew and reveled in the magical creatures that came forth from my machine. The Lulling Din was born when I decided to personify my anxiety, which was reaching an all time high after the birth of my first son. What began as a cold, unfeeling being, slowly transformed into a soft, cuddly, and compassionate critter that offered hugs and comfort. The Darlings came as I watched my son’s face light up as he explored the forest and the bits of magic waiting to be found there. The Wishing Moon reminds us to honor the sacred little rituals that connect us to our world, like learning to flow with the cycles of the moon.

These wild little beings brought sacred messages and inspiration that allowed me to connect to myself in a deeper way. They also provided a way for me to share the wonder of nature with my family.

The stories and creatures you will find in Curious Little Market come forth with the hope of instilling children with a sense of awe for nature and the critters that dwell there. They also aim to help us adults reconnect to the healing power of wild spaces, and serve as a reminder of the wonder of nature that lives within each of us.